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Welcome to the GuildPortal home of Desecration, a casual guild on Garrosh-US PVE, Alliance. We're just a small guild focused on a friendly atmosphere with NO: Bullshit, drama, or unreasonable requirements. Please whisper Saxte or Garrakahn for an interview/guild invite.
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Recruiting any all levels/classes!

opensourcerob, Oct 2, 11 1:14 AM.
We're currently in recruitment mode, we have 4 bank tabs and some gold in the bank and are ready to start working on 60+ content. We're currently looking for more people 60+ and 80+ to form 5man crews to get geared and hopefully about the time 4.3 hits we can start doing Cataclysm raiding content. Yes we know we're behind, but those of us who have come from other guilds can't keep to a firm raiding schedule every week due to real life obligations. 

We're casual, friendly, and would love to group with you!
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Garrosh (PvE)
Recruiting all levels and classes to fill our ranks!
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